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Thermal Spraying Aluminum alloy Wire Rod Are Used in Many Fields

5000 series aluminum wire

Aluminum alloy wire products can be produced in several ways. One method is similar to rolling sheet. A long, square ingot is heated, progressively reduced in cross-section by passing it through a series of rolls, and then coiled. The coils are heated and, if slated to become wire, pulled through smaller and smaller dies. Extruded aluminum can also be drawn directly into bar, rod and tube formations and then progressively thinned through dies.

Producing wire

Made from aluminum alloy wire is, by definition, less than 3/8 inch in diameter. Electrical conductor is made by stranding several wires into a single piece. Electrical conductor rod can also be drawn and stranded directly from molten aluminum.



Electrical transmission lines are by far the largest application for aluminum alloy wire rod products. This is a market in which aluminum has virtually no competition from other metals. Aluminum is simply the most economical way to deliver electrical power. Aluminum wire and cable are also used almost anywhere there is an electrical impulse to conduct—in commercial buildings, machinery and equipment, transportation and consumer durables. Wire and cable are used for little jobs we seldom think about, such as the non-rusting staples in tea bags and re-twisting twist-ties.

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