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Went to Shanghai Reception Our Turkey Customer

1100 aluminum plate

Celia from Turkey’s new customer want to know more details about 1100 aluminum plate, but because her schedule is busy , she doesn’t have enough time to visit our company and visit the factory, so Celia to fly to Shanghai to provide customer with the most convenient conditions.

Celia was introduced in detail our products to the customer and the supply ability, and show to our customer for our advanced production equipment and testing instruments, the customer for us cooperation intention. They discussed the details about the cooperation, including product quantity, specifications, delivery, date and so on.

Clients are also put forward some requirements, we will provide convenience for customers within the scope of the company’s largest capacity.Guests coming from afar, partners from Turkey

Our products are sold to many countries of the world, recently, customers from Turkey visited our company, customer manager Shirley lead customers to visit our factory, show them our advanced production technology and testing equipment. Customers through in-depth understanding is very satisfied with our technology, we can offer them qualified high-quality products, think we have the ability to provide them with the follow-up of supplies and services.

Customers from Turkey, the end products of aluminum, so they are very pay attention to the quality of raw materials, fortunately we were able to meet the requirements of customers of high quality. So and we discuss the 1100 aluminum plate of cooperation