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Wholesale Embossed Aluminum Sheet/Coil 5005 from China

  Aluminium embossed sheet 5005 is both a stable and durable material, it provides excellent service as a roofing or cladding without the need of any protective coating. Aluminiums highly reflective surface will dull to a uniform patina finish with prolonged exposure to the sun, wind and rain bome sand and dirt. Changes in appearance will be consistent along an elevation.

  Embossed aluminum sheet 5005, after the process of embossing, cutting, oxidation will form the surface with a dense layer of aluminum oxide protective film. And It has obvious below advantages such as acid-corrosion-resistance, long-lasting shine, beautiful patterns, anti-corrosion performance and stability, strong adhesion, impact resistance, non-toxic side effects, safety and environmental protection. With above charicteristics, surface of embossed aluminium sheet 5005 is clean, shiny. Besides, the electro-oxidation can effectively remove residual oil and manual handling of fingerprints.

  Embossed aluminium sheet 5005 are widely used in refrigerator, solar heat reflectors, decorative aluminium products, lamps, bags, disinfection box, air conditioning, ventilation ducts, indoor & outdoor decoration, machinery and equipment housing and other industries. Embossed finish can enhance the thickness and strength of aluminum.

  Embossed aluminium sheet 5005 is a medium strength, Aluminium magnesium, wrought alloy with good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It can attain moderate to high strength by cold working and has relatively high welded strength compared to other Aluminium Alloys.Aluminium Alloy sheets in AA 5005 is a natural choice where the material will be anodized and used in Architectural applications, flashings, curtain walls etc. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. 5005 AQ alloy is formulated for a decorative architectural anodized finish. It allows for a more uniform and attractive anodized finish than other alloys.

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